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Savannah's Gift Comforting kids one friend at a time!


We are a non-profit organization that is collecting stuffed animals to give to injured or ill children that have to be transported to the hospital. We accept small to medium animals. Please no large ones as they have to be placed on the helicopters and ambulances. They need to be new or very gently used. These animals are there to comfort an ill or injured child and we want them to have the best. Also, if God forbid something happens to that child the parents will have something to hang on to.

2010/2011 - 783 Donations

2012 - 1348 Donations

2013- 200 Donations

Currently 0 Stuffed Animal Donations for 2014!!!

Thank you!

My husband meets a lot of people in his job. Today he comments on this woman's pin. She told him it was in honor of her mother in law who died of breast cancer. He mentioned to her that we associated butterflies with Savannah after she died. She graciously took off her pin and told Scott, " things happen for a reason and this pin is now yours." This woman, Angela, never took that pin off. Thank you, Angela, you warmed our hearts tremendously and brought tears to both our eyes. Thank you again!

Our organization was created as a way for Savannah's spirit to live on and help other children and families. There are many ways you can donate to our organization and help too.

Order through Build-A -Bear and have it shipped to us at the address below.

Send us your donations by mail to the address below or see if we can schedule a pick up.

Or send cash donations to us at:

Savannah's Gift

1721 W. Cherry Ct.

Cleburne, TX


In Loving Memory Of Savannah Fayth Rhodes 5/29/08-7/23/09

Special Thanks to Rena and Rosie for helping with Savannah's head stone.

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Please limit donations to small to medium size and new or gently used.